Dr Leather – Dye Block with Trigger Spray

Dr Leather – Dye Block with Trigger Spray


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Dr. Leather – Dye Block with Trigger Spray Head (250ml)

This advanced leather protector creates an extremely durable, invisible and almost undetectable protective layer over the leather surface helping to prevent the build up of dirt, grime and dye transfer from clothing like jeans. 

Dye Block will help maintain the ‘factory fresh’ look of your leather and – unlike some other leather products – will retain the original finish without adding additional gloss (which can make the leather look more like plastic). The additional protective layer also aids with general and regular cleaning: allowing dirt and grime to be removed with ease. 
Of-course the application isn’t limited to just the leather seats in you car… you could use this product on other leather items around your house but we recommend following the manufacturers instructions! 
Suitable for home use! 


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