Dodo Juice – Buff Daddy PRO 900 DA Orbital Machine Polisher

Dodo Juice – Buff Daddy PRO 900 DA Orbital Machine Polisher


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The Buff Daddy (DAS-6) orbital polisher has earned a place in the detailing hall of fame, thanks to incredible ease-of-use and its impressive safety margin for machine polishing newcomers. Some felt that it could do with more power, though, to make lighter work of heavier correction jobs.

The answer was the 900W DA-900 Buff Daddy Pro machine. It looks very similar to its little brother but packs a torquier punch, allowing you to work it at lower speeds for the same polishing results. Be careful, though – at higher speeds it can generate extreme panel temperatures, potentially causing foam pads to delaminate. Never run it at high temps for long, and be sensible using its additional power/torque.

Feature wise, the DA-900 is similar to the DAS-6; it comes with a soft touch gear cover, ventilated 125mm backing plate (to fit the usual 5/16” thread), over 3m of cable (UK plug, 220-240v), D-handle, spare motor brushes and a Dodo Juice embroidered carry bag. It’s a speed controlled machine as well, so don’t go thinking that you have to keep a finger on a trigger.

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