Dodo Juice – Apple iFoam Snow Foam

Dodo Juice – Apple iFoam Snow Foam


  • 1 Litre

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Snow Foams products are absolutely fantastic, the science and scents behind the products are second to none. Their purpose is to remove as much dirt, grime, bugs and general debris from the bodywork as possible and that’s before you go anywhere near it with a wash mitt!

This way, when it comes to getting hands on – with the help of a good quality shampoo – the chances of scratching and ruining the finish is drastically reduced, which is exactly what we want.

Depending on the job at hand, Dodo Juice – Apple iFoam Snow Foam can be diluted anywhere from 1:10 all the way to 1:20, for the less soiled jobs. Pair this with the long dwelling time and amazing apple fragrance, Apple iFoam Snow Foam really is a product for all jobs!


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