Introducing Karl…

Introducing Karl…
April 9, 2016 The Altus Team

This is Karl.


We first became aware of Karl – who suffers from Cerebral Pausy, a debilitating condition which effects his eyesight and basic motor skills – towards the beginning of April 2016 and felt compelled to get in touch! Karl shares our love of cars and – despite his limitations – enjoys nothing more than helping Tansel clean his imported Toyota Starlet (EP91).. and who can blame him!?!

After a quick chat with the team, we decided that the best way we could reward Karl for his efforts was to send him some of our favourite products to try out!

The story was eventually picked up by The LAD Bible (15 Apr 2016) – from Hater Bear – and went on to receive over 11,200 likes and over 650 Facebook shares!!

The moral of the story, don’t let anything hold you back for what you enjoy! They’re only obsticals; they are there to be overcome!


The Altus Team!

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