Dodo Juice – Medium Sponge Clay Pad
  • Dodo Juice - Medium Sponge Clay Pad

Dodo Juice – Medium Sponge Clay Pad


  • Medium grade clay pad
  • Reusable
  • More ergonomic than traditional bars

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Our Recommendations

Whilst it may appear that the Dodo Juice – Medium Sponge Clay Pad is slightly more expensive than traditional clay bars, it is actually a very economical buy! Unlike most traditional clay bars, Dodo Juice Sponge Clay Pads can be used several times before they begin to become ineffective, now can you see why it’s an economical buy?

They couldn’t be easier to use, we really aren’t telling porkies!
We like to soak our clays in hot water for 5 or so minutes before use (just to really soften the clay) then (on a clean panel) and applying light to medium pressure – slide the pad up and down.

Although a lubricant isn’t essential, we would STRONGLY recommend using one, to prevent inflicting any marring! So here is our recommendation, the Dodo Juice – Born Slippy Concentrate Clay Lube makes for another very economical purchase as a 500ml bottle can make 5 LITRES!


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